How do I know that I won't be ripped off? 
You don’t, so it’s important for you to read this!

Imagine being able enjoy the fruits of your labor without worrying about anyone’s hands going into your pocket or trying to take money out of your bank account.  What if you could wipe out all of your debt and live a life without any collection agency’s calling your phone harassing you? This feeling is very possible for you and it begins by getting the biggest and the most persistent collection agency off of your back. THE IRS!

It can be very nerve wrecking to know that the big bad wolf (The IRS) is coming but you don’t know when and how. In many cases the IRS is very similar to a stealth bomber because by the time people sees or hears them coming they are right over you. By that time your paycheck and/or bank account has been hit and the money is already gone. Do you want to know how to protect yourself? Of course you do but will you use the information once you get it.

You have certain rights that are kept out of public knowledge that protect you but unless you have someone that is well trained and educated helping you it can turn into a really bad situation. I’ve seen people attempt to deal with the IRS themselves and end up in a worse situation than they ever expected and I don’t want that to happen to you or your family.

We are having tremendous success helping people fix their tax issues, protect their assets, and providing the highest level of service as possible. Our commitment to our clients is more than just tax resolution we are here to help people improve their life.  We are here to protect you and the things you’ve worked for from being taken or decreased. 

Since you've ended up here, you, or someone you know, probably owe money for back taxes to the IRS and/or the state. In these tough economic times it could be a lot of money. Maybe it's from years of back income taxes, unpaid payroll taxes, or you may have received a gift or inherited an estate and just can't afford to pay the taxes on it. 

If you're a business owner maybe you ended up owing taxes because you were just trying to feed your family and couldn't make ends meet while setting aside money for the IRS to pay your taxes. Even some corporations face hard times and have gotten into hot water with their taxes.

No doubt you want to do the right thing and pay it but you just can't. If you could have you would have by now. IRS agents are probably "on your back", and it seems there's nothing you can do to get them off. It could be they've "repoed" your vehicles, put a lien on the family home, filed embarrassing public tax lien notices and even put a freeze on your bank account(s). In short order, they'll be garnishing your wages and leaving you with next to nothing to live on, if they haven't already.

You can pour out your heart to the IRS collectors when they call, or worse yet, when they pay you a visit - and they do. You can explain how you and/or your wife have lost your job(s), or how illness has taken its toll, that the stock market crashed, that the value of your home has taken a nosedive, how your kids need a place to live, food and clothing; you can go on and on about your desire and best intentions to pay them and about your honesty. But no matter what, the bottom line is, they're trained to ignore your pleas, maybe even to view them as just excuses and to press on for what you owe, in spite of everything you just said. It's like talking to a wall and can make you want to tear your hair out!

You owe it to yourself and to your family to take advantage of the IRS debt relief programs that your government forced the IRS to create to get you and your family relief from IRS tax debt; to try and find a way to put this IRS tax debt nightmare to an end once and for all.
3 Reason's to Take Actions Immediately
The faster you take action the better it works out for you! First, when you delay the IRS assumes you want to cheat them. The longer you wait, the more they suspect tax fraud and evasion (criminal offenses) and they get nastier and nastier! Many do nothing because sheer fear paralyzes them, but the IRS won't see that and if they do they're not likely to care either.

The second reason not to delay is that penalties and interest are accruing FAST! The third reason not to wait is that there is very likely good news available. You may have more options than you thought! IRS tax relief programs really do exist and they can turn your financial situation around. Why wait to benefit from that type of tax relief? Whether you use us or not, the advice doesn't change - get professional help to navigate the dangerous and confusing waters of the IRS!

I want to help you like I’ve been able to help others by fighting for them to decrease or remove their debt, protect their money, and assets…PERIOD. I guarantee you that if my team of attorneys, are unable to place you into the best tax resolution allowable by law we will refund 100% of your investment, the attorneys will complete the case free, and we will even pay you $200. All this is in writing and you have a hard copy of my guarantee in the working agreement I emailed you. 

Give us a call and let us do the work for you so you can use your time doing other things rather than sitting on the phone for hours and battling with tax revenue officers. We’ve helped thousands of individuals, families, and businesses resolve millions of dollars worth of tax debt and you will be like many of our satisfied clients if you give us a chance that turn into Raving Fans! I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to stay protected and positive.

P.S.  The fact that we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offer the ONLY 100% money back guarantee in the industry is important. What’s more important is the many people I’ve had the pleasure of helping to put their life and finances back on track.
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